D-C "DIRTY CRAW" Little Runt Crankbait (7-10ft depth)

D-C "DIRTY CRAW" Little Runt Crankbait (7-10ft depth)

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The "Little Runt" Crankbait (Named after my dad's nickname Runt), is formerly the original Suddeth Little earl made by my uncles (AKA Suddeth Bait Company) in the 80s. My uncles named the Little Earl after their and my dad's Father (Earl) which was my grandpa. So we just thought we would carry the legacy on down the line by calling ours by my dad's nickname which everyone knows him by. Same Great bait, same family, different lip, and new name. Now since we have our own bait business we have took on the role of bringing these awesome crankbaits back into the original family! These crankbaits are well known across the Southeast for catching many of fish over the years.

These plugs are 100% handmade and go through an extensive 21 step process, from mixing the foam for molding the bodies, to Airbrush painted by hand, to test run and tuned in the water. Everything is pretty much all original except the Lips, (They are different) but the action in the water is the same if not better!

These are handmade and made on a order basis, so expect up to 10 business days to ship time due to the process these go through to be completed. 

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